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"Thornton Enterprises are Authorized Dealers of K&B and YOU can be too!"


FREE Trial Launch Program

Start Your Own Promotional Products Business Now:

Congratulations on your first step towards becoming a successful Authorized Kaeser & Blair business owner. Please take the time to fill out this short application. Once your application and the fully refundable $85.00 deposit have been received, you will be registered as an authorized Kaeser & Blair business owner and be provided with immediate access to our digital new business owner assets and be shipped your business owner package.

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General Information*
Terms & Conditions*
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Congratulations! A complete FREE Trial Launch Program will be sent to you soon.

Kaeser & Blair Terms and Conditions

  • I will be operating as an independent contractor or Dealer in business for myself, utilizing Kaeser & Blair, Inc. (K&B) as at least one, but not necessarily my only exclusive source of supply.
  • K&B has no right or authority to control or supervise my activity in any way, except as noted here. I will set my own hours, develop my own sales methods and procedures and I am free to work when where and how I wish.
  • I have the right to adjust or negotiate my own selling prices.
  • K&B has no right or authority of termination for any reason with the exception of illegal activity, financial indebtedness or practices detrimental to Kaeser & Blair, Inc.
  • K&B will supply certain selling materials and supplies for stated financial consideration.
  • I will not be working on salary or hourly wage, but solely on a variable profit percentage of the gross sale.
  • K&B will not provide me with office space, telephone or secretarial services.
  • I will not be limited to work a specific territory or geographic area.
  • I will have the right to refer others to become K&B Dealers and receive override profits from their sales once I meet minimum requirements.
  • I will be personally responsible for any damage arising from my own actions.
  • I will not be restricted in dealing with a K&B competitor or dealing in any other products.
  • I will provide my own transportation.
  • I will not be required to attend formal or group training sessions.
  • No sales quotas will be imposed.
  • I will not be working on a K&B expense account.
  • I will assume my own business expenses without reimbursement.
  • I will not be required to submit reports or maintain inventories or make deliveries.
  • The customer base that I generate will become my personal property and that asset is under my control to retain, sell, convey, transfer or give away.
  • It is possible that certain marketing strategies I may incorporate could involve financial risk or possible loss to me.
  • I can operate under my own personal name or firm name or use the Kaeser & Blair trade name. My use of the Kaeser & Blair trade name or any other registered or copyrighted property of K&B will comply with all K&B policies for using copyrighted or registered materials and US copyright laws.
  • Credit investigations and credit acceptances, collection of accounts and/or adjustments are the functions of K&B.
  • Being an independent contractor, I agree to bear sole responsibility for reporting and paying all or any federal, state or local taxes imposed on self-employed business persons, but K&B will submit 1099 Information Returns as required by law.
  • I agree to a background/credit check.
  • I agree to remit payment on any non-active chargebacks on demand and pay reasonable attorney fees which Kaeser & Blair may incur in collections of chargebacks. All past due sums shall bear interest from the 30th day after invoice date until paid at a rate of 18% per annum.

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What's Included:


Business Owner Reference Manual

(Included in both packages)

Standard Business Owner Package $85*

  • Immediate access to our online training assets and information to help you get started
  • Best Buys Catalog
  • Numerous supplier and manufacturer catalogs with promotional products to sell
  • A large assortment of product samples

*Your $85 will be refunded when you make your first $1,500 in sales. If you

decide this opportunity is not for you, please return the starter kit within

30 days and your $85 will be refunded.

Premium Business Owner Package $335  $299*


In addition to the Standard Business Owner Package, the Premium Kit includes the following:

•    Personalized website with your unique URL/web address hosted by
     Kaeser & Blair (to access demo of website go to - Personalized              email  address
•    50 Best Buys catalogs
•    1,000 custom business cards
•    100 Javelina Tropical Pens with your custom printed message promoting
      your new promotional products business

Your personalized website features the best selling products from the Kaeser & Blair Catalog and a digital copy of the Best Buys Catalog. The website will include your company name, logo, and brand message on the “about us” page. You can include your photo and even create personalized banners for the header of the home page. It is extremely easy to set up and update; however, if you need help we will gladly assist you. It is not an ecommerce website, but over $10,000,000 million dollars in products are sold from the Best Buys Catalog every year. Personalized items ready in about 2 weeks.

** The $85 portion of your Premium Business Owner Package will be refunded when you sell your first $1,500 in sales. If you decide this opportunity is not for you, you can return everything (including the catalogs, pens, owner package, and cards) within 30 days and your total Premium Owner Package cost of $299 will be refunded.

** After the initial $299 investment there will be a yearly cost of $200 to host the website and receive your email address.