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"Thornton Enterprises are Authorized Dealers of K&B and YOU can be too!"


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Ask yourself these important questions:

1. Is the business opportunity part of a successful industry with in-demand products or services?

Kaeser & Blair Dealerships are part of the 18 billion dollar promotional products specialty advertising industry – considered the most accepted form of advertising.

2. Does the opportunity require a lot of up-front investment with significant risk?

Independent Kaeser & Blair Dealerships can be set up with an $85 deposit for a Dealer Success Kit. It has everything you need to get started and be successful in the promotional products specialty advertising industry – except your passion, time and energy. This small deposit is completely refundable if you change your mind in 30 days, or once you submit just $1,500 in customer sales.

3. Can the business be run either part time or full time, and is a storefront retail location required?

K&B Dealerships can be operated part time or full time. They are independently owned businesses and Dealers establish their own hours – working when and where they wish. Most K&B Dealerships are operated as home based businesses avoiding costly overhead expenses.

4. Are there customers for the services or products the business opportunity offers?

Kaeser & Blair Dealerships sell promotional advertising products and about every business, organization, club or association is a potential customer.

5. Does the opportunity require a lot of inventory on hand or investment in specialized equipment?

Promotional products are custom imprinted per specifications from the customer at time of order so K&B Dealers are free from the hassle of handling inventory and specialized equipment. Product material and manufacturing is handled by K&B and our Suppliers. Most orders are custom made at the time of order and drop shipped directly to the K&B Dealers’ customers. No inventory to buy – no production – no deliveries.

6. How much can I make from this business?

Your personal earnings depend entirely on your own activities. In general if you produce 1 average order each week day you will earn about $26,000 a year. If you place 2 average orders per day you will earn about $52,000. Top K&B Dealers consistently earn more than $100,000 each year. K&B also offer an annual incentive bonus and referral program that can significantly increase earnings and the equity in your new business.

7. How do I get paid?

Dealer profits are paid when qualified orders are entered. Profits are paid to K&B Dealers in advance of product manufacture and delivery. And the best part is those profits can be transferred via Direct Deposit ACH bank transfer on a daily basis. Nobody pays faster than K&B in the promotional products industry.

8. Is there any support to help me?

K&B has skilled, experienced and responsive Dealer Support Representatives to assist with production information and assistance with orders. They are here to help you succeed. It’s like having your own staff!

9. Does the opportunity require on-going fees and continued costs?

There are no monthly fees, transaction fees or processing fees with the Kaeser & Blair Dealer program.

10. Would my new business lock me into any binding restrictive agreements or contracts?

Kaeser & Blair does not have any contractual agreements or binding restrictions. K&B Dealers are independent contractors with the freedom and privileges of your very own business. It’s yours and you’re the boss.